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Fly Parrot MiniDrones with Node

This package wraps the BlueTooth low energy library Noble to expose a simple API for flying Parrot MiniDrones. That includes the Rolling Spider, Airborne Cargo, Night and Hydrofoil models. Unlike other libraries that are designed to run stepped commands, this library is designed to allow continuous control through any input device.

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  • Noble requires Xcode. Download and install the latest version from Apple's developer network
  • Node >= 6.0.0

Get Started in 60 Seconds

  1. Grab the module npm install parrot-minidrone
  2. Create index.js with the below code
  3. Run the script node index.js
const Drone = require('parrot-minidrone');
const drone = new Drone({
    autoconnect: true,

drone.on('connected', () => drone.takeOff());
drone.on('flightStatusChange', (status) => {
    if (status === 'hovering') {


In the examples folder of this library are a few scripts using the API to fly drones with various input devices.

Dualshock PlayStation Controller

Follow these directions from the root of the project to fly with a PS3/4 controller

  1. Turn on the drone
  2. Plug in the controller via USB or connect to your computer via Bluetooth
  3. Run node examples/dualshock-ps3-controller/drone.js
  4. Wait to see the drone connected message in the console output

Control Layout

Button Function
Right Analog Stick Altitude, yaw
Left Analog Stick Roll, pitch
Square Flat-trim
Triangle Toggle takeoff & land
Circle Emergency landing
X Take a picture
L1 Left flip
R1 Right Flip
L2 Front Flip
R2 Back Flip


To fly with the keyboard follow the below instructions.

  1. Turn on the drone
  2. Run node examples/keyboard/drone.js
  3. Wait to see the drone connected message in the console output

Control Layout

Key Function
Arrow Up Pitch +
Arrow Down Pitch -
Left Arrow Roll left
Left Arrow Roll right
w Altitude +
s Altitude +
a Yaw left
d Yaw right
t Toggle takeoff & land
f Flattrim
Escape Emergency land


To run the test runner execute npm test.



  • Added support for Mambo, Blaze and New Z minidrones
  • Added support for setting max tilt, altitude, vertical speed, rotation speed and defining a drone type to connect to


  • Event battery change event
  • Fix issue with an error being thrown during connection on some Bluetooth devices


  • Documentation
  • Unit tests
  • Flips interface

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